“Former FDIC chair: Workplace culture at the FDIC can and must be fixed.”

My latest article in The Hill emphasizes the importance of identifying leaders at the FDIC who can attract and retain talent by treating employees with respect and dignity. The FDIC is an important institution with a noble goal, and misbehavior must not be tolerated.

From the article:

Very few people at the FDIC today were at the FDIC in the 1980s, and those who were there were not in senior positions. It is now essential to begin the healing process and restore the FDIC to its position as one of the most dependable and trust-worthy agencies in government. It is critical that the public have 100 percent confidence in the FDIC’s competence, reliability and absolute integrity.

Let us now begin the process of restoring the FDIC’s position and reputation as one of the best agencies in government. This will be best accomplished by building a new generation of leaders who understand that fairness and integrity in the workplace contribute to employees feeling safe, respected and valued.

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